We are surfers.

As surfers ourselves, we understand the importance of the best travel insurance products when surfing overseas. Since 2009, we were the original company specialising in surfing insurance in Australia and Hawaii.

Compare Plans, Benefits and Prices. We have taken the hassle of finding the best travel plans, and selected the best travel insurance providers for surfing. Our strict criteria include the following key features, automatic cover while surfing and cover for damage, lost or stolen surfboards while traveling, cancellation costs, unlimited medical and EVAC expenses, EVAC plans, COVID-19 benefits and cruising cover for surf charters.

The team, at STI Surf Travel Insurance have a passion for surfing and qualifications in travel insurance.

History of Surf Travel Insurance

The Surf Travel Insurance company was founded by Greg Hayes from Global Surf Travel, after realising a gap in the surf travel market for travel insurance. Before 2005, insurance underwriters had very limited knowledge of surfing needs and no benefits. It requires more than just covering surfboards and surfing automatically covered, medical EVAC was required for remote surfing destinations.

We worked with the best surf resort managers and surf charter captains, doctors and air ambulance providers with contingency EVAC’s for remote islands. With statistics, research and EVAC plans in hand, it was time to lobby the insurance underwriters and emergency providers. Our goal was for insurers to recognise surf travel as equal to snow sports including sports equipment and EVAC in remote surfing locations.

It has taken some time but today, surfing is now a truly recognised sport with major insurers and some are providing EVAC plans for surfers in remote surfing destinations, including Indonesia, Fiji, Maldives and more.