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Who do I call for emergency help?

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One Call Worldwide Travel Assistance Services

Call One Call Worldwide Travel Assistance Services available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world:

Telephone: +1-855-878-9588 (toll free within the US and Canada)

Telephone: +1-603-328-1329 (toll free outside the US and Canada)

Telephone: +1-603-328-1384 (Collect)


1. What if I require emergency assistance?

Medical Emergency: Contact 911 or the local authorities right away if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Once you’re in a safe location and receiving medical treatment, contact One Call as soon as possible so that One Call can immediately begin monitoring your medical care to ensure you’re getting the care you need for your medical emergency. One Call can also connect with Trip Mate, your plan administrator, to confirm your travel insurance benefits. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, it is much easier to obtain all required medical information while you’re being treated by a physician. One Call requires completed medical reports and certain fit to travel data (aka a Fit to Fly form) to ensure you are in good hands and safe enough to travel home. One Call can also assist with Doctor Referrals and travel-assistance emergencies as well.

Travel Emergency: If you’re experiencing a travel emergency, contact One Call. One Call will work with their in-house travel agent for assistance in locating emergency flights. One Call has local resources throughout the world, so even if you’re in a remote location, contact One Call for assistance during any emergency … and the sooner the better. The most important thing to remember is to contact One Call as soon as possible in the event you are experiencing a medical, travel or security emergency while traveling. And whatever your emergency, One Call can assist you in the native language of whichever country you’re traveling in. Translators are standing by.

2. At what point should I contact One Call if I am having a medical emergency?

One Call is not a first responder. If you require urgent medical treatment, contact the local first responders to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Once you’re receiving treatment, contact One Call. It’s best to contact One Call as soon as medically possible in order for One Call to be involved right away. The medical situation can be monitored and One Call can establish communication with the hospital. Depending on the severity of the medical emergency, One Call may have to schedule and conduct doctor-to-doctor consultations to ensure the traveler is receiving appropriate medical care. One Call will also collect regular medical reports to be reviewed by the One Call Medical Team, available around the clock. The One Call Medical Team will determine the safest medically necessary method of transport once the patient is deemed fit to travel.

3. What if I am traveling in a remote location, and I am having a difficult time reaching One Call, or getting my documentation back to them?

One Call has the ability to receive local and collect calls, SMS, fax, and email. If the traveler can’t get in touch with One Call, or vice versa, One Call has local offices around the world to assist. One Call will work with hospital staff, hotel staff, tour leaders, family members back home, and the travelers to determine the best way to communicate with the insured.

4. Who is able to open contact One Call to open a case?

Anyone capable of providing the basic information regarding the injured or ill traveler can open a case. The caller should be prepared to provide basic demographic information such as the patient’s name, age and contact information. The tour leader, traveling companion, travel agent, parent/family member at home, hospital, or even the traveler themselves can call to notify One Call of a new case or provide updates throughout the case. One Call can only release updates on a patient to those designated by the patient on his/her medical release authorization, due to patient privacy laws.

5. For what assistance can I contact One Call?

One Call can be contacted to assist with anything from finding a hotel, making a restaurant reservation, passport replacement assistance, or to arrange an emergency medical evacuation via air ambulance. Any travel assistance, medical assistance, or concierge request, One Call has the capability to assist with any travel problem – big or small, domestically or across the globe.

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