Sailing Cover

Cruising Cover for Surf, Dive and Fish Charters

As surfers, we understand the importance of Travel Insurance for surfing and fishing on boat charters in Australia and overseas. with worldwide EVAC plans for emergency assistance 24/7 with Covid benefits, including cover for your accompanying surfboards and fishing rods.

Insurance underwriters are now requiring Cruising Cover for boat charters over 2 nights at sea.

Boat charters are a great way to enjoy your passion for surfing and fishing, bask in the sun and enjoy the sea breeze while exploring new destinations. It’s time for surfing uncrowded waves, exploring pristine islands and unforgettable experiences with mates. Chase the swell while relaxing on a beautiful private charter and surfing a variety of reef and point breaks.

Cruise travel insurance benefits for boat charters can provide cover for medical costs on board if available, help you if you need to be medically evacuated off the vessel, and provide reimbursement for lost luggage and non-refundable expenses (up to the cancellation amount you have added to your policy).

The team at Surf Travel Insurance, with expertise in travel and insurance and passion for surfing have selected the best underwriters for boat charters with specific benefits including COVID-19, EVAC, surfing and fishing.

Travel Insurance Plans available for Boat Charters

  • Australian Residents
  • United States of America Residents
  • Over 130 Countries worldwide

Type of International Plans Available

  • Basic Plans
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Annual Multi Trips
  • Business Trips