Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel

If your overseas trip includes adventure, working or just getting away, choose from a range of products to suit your travel needs including custom planning.

Compare travel Insurers
Because we partner with leading international travel insurance providers, your won’t need to spend valuable time searching the Internet for the best cover and benefits.

STI now provides comprehensive travel insurance plans and emergency service to over 140 countries for leisure and adventure trips. Depending on the country of residency, guests can now compare insurance providers for the United States, Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.

Comprehensive Plans
We have taken the hassle of finding the best comprehensive travel plans off you hands by selecting the best travel insurance providers for adventure travel. Our strict criteria for selection includes the following key features: automatic cover for water sports and damage cover, lost or stolen sports equipment, cancellation costs, unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, evacuation plans,
COVID-19 benefits and cruising cover for boat charters.

Basic Plans
The Basic Plan, while similar to the Comprehensive Plan, is typically used for budget and backpacker trips with benefits for singles, couples, friends, family and groups. The Basic Plan includes medical and evacuation cover much like the comprehensive alternative, but with lower limits and amounts. Since COVID-19, most countries are now requesting comprehensive cover.

Annual Plans
Depending on your country of residency, your customers may have the option of an annual travel insurance plan. The Annual and Business Plan will cover singles, couples and family members
for 30 to 90 days per trip for 12 months. With borders open, have the freedom to visit tropical destinations all year with automatic cover for water sports and adventure activities cover.

This benefit may cover you for specific events related to coronavirus, including diagnosis of COVID-19 prior to departure, quarantined due to close contact prior to departure, medical expenses if diagnosed with COVID-19 during trip, required quarantine during trip, or if you are being denied boarding due to your suspected infection with coronavirus.

Overseas Medical Expenses
This benefit covers you for emergency medical, hospital and ambulance expenses arising from injury (including surfing, kitesurfing, and snorkelling), specified medical condition, or ‘automatically covered condition’, as well as new illness (including coronavirus) or death. May include a sub-limit for illness or injury emergency travel expenses for a relative or friend.

Boat Charters
Consider the Cruising Option for worldwide surfing and fishing charters when at sea for more than two days. Some insurers include cruising cover for free, while others offer it as an added extra. Plus, you can get cruise specific benefits  such as cover for medical evacuation from the  vessel, flight delay, pre-paid shore excursions and cabin confinement.

STI are the global leaders in surf fish and snowboard travel insurance and specialist for surfing popular and remote destinations. STI global agents based in Hawaii and Australia, provide direct access to Hawaiian, American and Australian citizens including. As surfers, we understand a surfer’s lifestyle and passion while providing insurance products to suit their individual and family needs.

Surf Travel Insurance assists surfers and non-surfers from popular surfing destinations, including Hawaii, America, Australia, Brazil, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal including South Africa, South America, Pacific/Asia and Europe who need to escape the local crowds for new adventures and empty barreling waves with self-confidence on and off the water.