New Zealand Residents Emergency

New Zealand Residents

(Your World Nomads policy is backed by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s)

If it’s an emergency, call our Emergency Assistance Team 24/7 based in Sydney, Australia

From overseas:

Phone: +61 2 8263 0470; or

Phone: +61 2 8292 1470 (reverse charges* via an operator from anywhere in the world)

From within Australia:

1800 622 210

SMS: +61 4 1720 4602


Ask the local operator to connect you reverse charges or claim your call costs later.

You’ll need the international dialling code or just the plus sign (+) to dial the number correctly on your mobile phone.

Emergency Medical & Dental Expenses Overseas

This section details the cover provided if you suffer a sudden illness or serious injury and treatment is certified as medically necessary by an authorised medical practitioner overseas and agreed by us.

What you must do

1. You must make an effort to keep your medical expenses to a minimum and take the advice of our emergency assistance team as it may affect your cover. If you don’t contact our emergency assistance team as required, we may not fully reimburse you for your expenses or for any evacuation or airfares that have not been approved or arranged by us.

2. You, a member of your travelling party, a friend or close relative must contact our emergency assistance team immediately if you:

  • suffer a sudden illness or serious injury;
  • have an accident;
  • need to go to hospital or have been admitted to hospital;
  • get medical treatment as an outpatient, where the cost of treatment is likely to exceed $2,000;
  • are seriously injured, are hospitalised or suffer psychological trauma in an assault (including mugging, kidnap or hijack); or
  • need emergency transport, medical repatriation or a medical escort.

Our emergency assistance team will help direct you or move you to the appropriate hospital or health care facility. Subject to medical advice, you must take their recommendation as to where you can be treated to ensure you receive quality medical care.

In case of a serious injury, sudden illness, an accident or hospitalisation, contact our emergency assistance team immediately

From New Zealand & overseas:
+61 2 8263 0470
+61 2 8292 1470
Within Australia (free call):
1800 611 210
+61 4 1720 4602
Ask the local operator to connect you reverse charges or claim your call costs later.

You’ll need the international dialling code or just the plus sign (+) to dial the number correctly on your mobile phone.

3. If the total cost of your medical treatment is likely to exceed $2,000, you must contact our emergency assistance team immediately to confirm coverage under the policy and manage any potential claim.

In the case of hospitalisation, our emergency assistance team will coordinate payment directly with the hospital wherever possible, provided cover under the policy has been confirmed by us.

If the total cost of your medical treatment is unlikely to exceed $2,000, you’ll pay for medical expenses and make a claim for reimbursement.

4. You must get copies of all medical records, reports and clinical notes before you leave the hospital or medical facility as well as original receipts to document your expenses so we may verify your claim.

  • Your illness or injury must be confirmed in writing by your treating medical practitioner overseas, as before we can confirm cover:
  • we’ll need the medical report from your treating medical practitioner overseas of your condition, tests performed, diagnosis, and treatment provided; and
  • we may ask for written verification of your medical history from your doctor at home.
  • All documents should be translated into English before you claim.

5. If you’re involved in an accident and are hospitalised or suffer a serious injury, you must report the incident to the relevant local authority (e.g. police, hotel manager, other travel service provider) within 24 hours or as soon as possible and provide a copy of the written report to verify your claim.

6. If you’re a victim of an assault (e.g. mugging, kidnapping or hijack) and suffer a serious injury or psychological trauma, you must also report the incident to local police or other relevant authority within 24 hours or as soon as possible and provide a copy of the written report to verify your claim. Also, see Section 2.1 – Repatriation after assault and Section 3 – Cancellation & Trip Interruption.

7. You should also read what we won’t cover in the Specific Exclusions to each benefit section and the General Exclusions which are applicable to all sections.

What’s covered

1.1 Overseas medical expenses

If during your trip you suffer a sudden illness or serious injury and treatment is certified as medically necessary by an authorised medical practitioner or paramedic overseas and agreed by our emergency assistance team and us, we will pay for reasonable emergency, overseas medical treatment you require including:

  • hospitalisation;
  • day surgery or outpatient treatment;
  • prescribed medicines; and
  • prescribed physiotherapy treatments.

However, we’ll only pay for any reasonable and necessary treatment and hospital accommodation you receive overseas and with our approval for up to a maximum of 12 months from the date the sudden illness first manifested or the serious injury happened.

The medical practitioners who treat you must be registered and licensed in the country in which they practice. Their treatment methods must be approved by local public health and government authorities and they must be licensed for those methods.

To receive the standard of care or treatment necessarily required for your condition and when you’re able to be evacuated, we may decide on the advice of a medical practitioner appointed by us and our emergency assistance team to:

  • transport you to other medical care facilities; and/or
  • repatriate you home to New Zealand if you’re declared medically unfit to continue your trip.

If you choose not to follow our emergency assistance team’s recommendations or you refuse to return home for treatment, we may limit our payment up to the equivalent amount which we would have assessed as being covered had you followed the recommendations. You’ll then be responsible for any ongoing or additional costs relating to or arising from the event or from the medical condition for which you’re claiming.

If the cost of your medical and related expenses overseas could exceed the cost of returning you to New Zealand and resuming your trip under Section 3.4 – Resumption of trip, we may at our sole discretion limit our liability to the lesser of the costs we would incur. You’ll then be responsible for any ongoing or additional costs relating to or arising from the event or from the medical condition for which you’re claiming.

There’s a $100 excess payable per event.

1.2 Emergency dental treatment

We’ll pay for emergency dental treatment overseas which the dentist certifies in writing is solely required for the immediate relief of sudden and acute onset of pain to healthy, natural teeth following an infection or broken tooth. Teeth must be whole or properly restored (with fillings only) and without impairment, periodontal or other conditions.

There’s a $100 excess payable per event.

1.3 Alternative therapies (Explorer Plan)

If you’ve purchased the Explorer Plan, we’ll pay for alternative therapy treatment by a chiropractor, acupuncturist or osteopath for your sudden illness or serious injury overseas where:

  • treatment is prescribed by an authorised medical practitioner; and
  • treatment is given by a registered and licensed practitioner.

There’s a $100 excess payable per event.

1.4 Out-of-pocket expenses in hospital (Explorer Plan)

If you’ve purchased the Explorer Plan, you’ll receive reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses up to $50 per day, up to the limit in the Summary of Benefits, after the first 48 consecutive hours (waiting period) you’re necessarily confined to hospital overseas:

  • due to a sudden illness or serious injury; and
  • when a claim is payable under Section 1.1.

These expenses may include phone calls, internet or television access, food and other expenses payable while in hospital and supported by receipts when you make a claim.

1.5 Clinical psychology (Explorer Plan)

If you’ve purchased the Explorer Plan and during your trip you are assaulted (e.g. mugged, kidnapped or hijacked) and are hospitalised or suffer a serious injury or psychological trauma, we’ll pay your expenses to visit a psychiatrist or registered counsellor overseas when prescribed by an authorised medical practitioner.

Also see Section 2.1 – Repatriation after assault and Section 3 – Cancellation & Trip Interruption.

What’s not coveredSpecific Exclusions under Section 1

We won’t pay for overseas medical or dental expenses arising in any way from:

  • Any pre-existing medical condition, except as described in Health conditions & your policy.
  • Private hospital or medical treatment you received where public funded services or care was available in that country and/or under any Reciprocal Health Agreement between the New Zealand Government and the government of any other country, unless pre-approved by us. Please refer to the NZ Ministry of Health website at for further information and the latest list of reciprocal countries.
  • Any medical condition you suffered in previous periods of insurance (i.e. prior to purchasing more cover), unless agreed by us.
  • Your failure to follow the instructions of your medical practitioner, our emergency assistance team or us. If you decline to promptly follow the advice given, we will not be responsible for any subsequent medical, hospital or evacuation expenses relating to or arising from that condition.
  • Expenses which we or our emergency assistance team determine are not reasonable or medically necessary.
  • Treatment which in the opinion of the attending medical practitioner, our emergency assistance team or us can be reasonably delayed until your return home.
  • Choosing an alternative therapy (including but not limited to acupuncture, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment) over prescribed medical care. We will not be liable for any further or consequential injury or illness you suffer as a result of such treatment.
  • Any medical expenses where you’re unable to provide verification of your condition by the treating practitioner, a doctor’s report and clinical notes or where you can’t provide proof of your expenses, including original receipts, if we ask for them.
  • Medical or dental expenses incurred while you’re in New Zealand. This policy doesn’t replace private medical insurance or public health services at home.
  • Routine or elective treatment or surgery and related complications, including specialist review or referral and exploratory tests.
  • Dental treatment arising from the deterioration and/or decay of teeth or associated tissue; involving the use of precious metals; cosmetic dentistry; dental treatment not required for the immediate relief of pain to healthy and natural teeth, such as but not limited to major dental work like crowns, bridges, dental prostheses.
  • Additional hospital costs for single or private room accommodation, unless medically necessary.
  • Treatment or services performed by you, a member of your travelling party, your close relative or an enterprise owned by any one of these people without pre-authorisation from us or our emergency assistance team.
  • Maintaining a course of treatment or medication you were on prior to your Departure date or prior to you purchasing more cover, as described under How to buy it.
  • Expenses for alternative therapies if you haven’t purchased the Explorer Plan.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses in hospital if you haven’t purchased the Explorer Plan.
  • Clinical psychology after assault if you haven’t purchased the Explorer Plan.

Any other reason listed under the General Exclusions, which are applicable to all sections of the policy.

World Nomads is supported by different insurers from around the world. This insurance is arranged and promoted by Pty Limited ABN 62 127 485 198 AR 343027, as an authorised representative of nib Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 81 115 932 173 AFS Licence No. 308461 and underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Always read your Product Disclosure Statement and other policy documentation to review your specific cover and to make sure that the policy is right for you.

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Telo Island SIEEP 26/08/2013
A reported head trauma was reported which activated an air-ambulance with neurosurgeon onboard for the flight transfer. Air Ambulance was activated for this case and Patient was transferred to Singapore hospital for emergency surgery. The time line was under 6hrs to get patient to Singapore Hospital including: time for Refuelling air-ambulance, Clearance and Immigration requirements. Please note this procedure was in half the time estimated originally, due to improved remote airfields and air-ambulances.
Monika | Operations Coordinator
We have developed an internal database of providers for our team to use on cases with quick reference to hospitals/clinics as well as other providers (ground transfers, hotels, local agents etc). As soon as our team are activated on a case, we review our database for the closest facility that we can refer to. Our business partners are trusted providers who offer local knowledge as well as the ability to obtain crucial information (medical reports), as well as guarantee payments on our behalf, ultimately a seamless class for our travellers so that they are not out of pocket.
Lisa | Operations Manager

Worldwide Emergency Services

All policies cover emergency medical and evacuation expenses. For medical evacuation, customer’s needs to contact their country of residence emergency assistance team to assist with co-ordination

Already Overseas

With World Nomads, you can buy a policy online, anytime, from anywhere in the world. If you buy a policy while traveling, waiting periods, conditions and restrictions on cover do apply. This means you may have to wait up to 36 hours for full cover to apply and certain benefits (like pre-trip cancellation) may not apply as you’ve already left your home country. However, most policies can cover you straight away if you’re injured in an accident after you buy a policy. Your policy wording will have full details to understand the cover, limits and exclusions.

Surfboard Equipment

With World Nomads, Surfboards are covered under most policies for damage or loss whilst in transit, but not covered for damage whilst in use

Winter Sports Equipment

With World Nomads, Snowboards and skis are covered under most policies for damage or loss whilst in transit, but not covered for damage whilst in use

Electronics and Cameras

With World Nomads, Electronics and Cameras are generally covered for damage and theft, however, some policies can cover loss. Limits and benefits vary with each policy

Personal Items

With World Nomads, Personal items are generally covered for damage and theft, however, some policies can cover loss. Limits and benefits vary with each policy

Working and Studying Overseas

Policies, usually cover manual and non-manual work, volunteer etc. Each policy is different and may require additional premium to be paid for more risky types of work. Studying overseas is covered under all policies

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

With World Nomads, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions have limited cover under some policies, no pre-ex assessment