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Maybe your living in Hawaii waiting for the next epic swell to hit Fiji, perhaps escaping the Californian lifestyle for long empty barrels in Indonesia or thinking of snowboarding down a white picturesque mountain slope in Europe. Wherever you live or where you want to go, consider Surf Travel Insurance for your next trip! The original surf travel insurance provider offering Global surfers cover while surfing.   On and Off the water 

Traveling? We have the insurance to suit!

Surf Travel Insurance assists surfers and non-surfers from popular surfing destinations, including Hawaii, America, Australia, Brazil, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal including South Africa, South America, Pacific/Asia and Europe who need to escape the local crowds for new adventures and empty barreling waves with self-confidence on and off the water. World Nomads, provide global, reliable and flexible cover for world travelers with buy and claim online!


Why Surf Travel Insurance?

STI are the global leaders in surf and snowboard travel insurance and specialist for surfing popular and remote destinations. STI global agents based in Hawaii and Australia, provide direct access to Hawaiian, American and Australian citizens including Global Surfers from 140+ countries worldwide. As surfers, we understand a surfer’s lifestyle and passion while providing insurance products to suit their individual and family needs.

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Need Insurance? We have you covered.

If your overseas trip includes adventure, working or just getting away, choose from a range of products to suit your travel needs including custom planning.

Traveling on your own, maybe with your partner or need to take the family, don’t forget the children with dependent kids under 25 are free.

STI can assist in customized travel insurance to suit the groups individual needs for any global surf and snowboard adventure.

Working Overseas! Choose one of our insurance products with individual and family medical and repatriation cover, while working overseas.

At World Nomads, our travel insurance allows you to participate in a range of volunteer activities and vacations, from summer teaching programs to clean water projects.

Planning a surfing holiday, whether you are learning to surf through to being experienced enough to confidently drop into hollow reef breaks, surfing has its risks and that’s why it’s important to stay safe in the line-up.

Whether your snowboarding or Skiing at a resort, or planning to go off the beaten track in the back country or even heli-ski, you’re here because you need reliable travel insurance

If sailing is on your ‘to do’ list, it’s as simple as adding ‘sailing’ when getting a quote online. You will need to know a bit about where you’ll be sailing though, e.g. in coastal or international waters.

Plan on riding a motorbike or moped while overseas, whether just casually or as your main mode of transport, there’s cover under the policy if you’re properly licensed to ride.

The Standard and Explorer plans can cover you while hiking or trekking. If you want to go on a mountaineering adventure then there’s cover for this too under the Explorer Plan only.

Calm waters, crystal clear visibility and a bulletproof dive plan might make for the perfect underwater adventure, but accidents can happen, even to the most experienced divers.

Planning on attending and following the first Surfing Olympics in Japan, the WSL and QS events or just supporting your local boardriders club. Benefits for single, couples and families while supporting your country, club and athlete. 

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Worldwide Emergency Services 

All policies cover emergency medical and evacuation expenses. For medical evacuation, customer’s needs to contact their country of residence emergency assistance team to assist with co-ordination

Already Overseas

With World Nomads, you can buy a policy online, anytime, from anywhere in the world. If you buy a policy while traveling, waiting periods, conditions and restrictions on cover do apply. This means you may have to wait up to 36 hours for full cover to apply and certain benefits (like pre-trip cancellation) may not apply as you’ve already left your home country. However, most policies can cover you straight away if you're injured in an accident after you buy a policy. Your policy wording will have full details to understand the cover, limits and exclusions.

Surfboard Equipment

With World Nomads, Surfboards are covered under most policies for damage or loss whilst in transit, but not covered for damage whilst in use

Winter Sports Equipment

With World Nomads, Snowboards and skis are covered under most policies for damage or loss whilst in transit, but not covered for damage whilst in use

Electronics and Cameras

With World Nomads, Electronics and Cameras are generally covered for damage and theft, however, some policies can cover loss. Limits and benefits vary with each policy

Personal Items

With World Nomads, Personal items are generally covered for damage and theft, however, some policies can cover loss. Limits and benefits vary with each policy

Working and Studying Overseas

Policies, usually cover manual and non-manual work, volunteer etc. Each policy is different and may require additional premium to be paid for more risky types of work. Studying overseas is covered under all policies

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

With World Nomads, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions have limited cover under some policies, no pre-ex assessment

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