Kayaking and Rafting Cover

Travel insurance for kayaking and rafting

Everything Americans need to know about travel insurance for kayaking and rafting.

Nothing like a good kayaking or rafting adventure – planned or unplanned! Here at World Nomads, when we think of kayaking or rafting, we think of 70's soft drink commercials, or a young Burt Reynolds paddling faster to the foreboding ambiance of banjo plucking, or more realistically: watching our friends freak out down some rapids on our last trip to Ubud.

What's covered

When you get a travel insurance quote for your kayaking or rafting trip, you need to double-check the Adventure Sports & Activities roster. The following categories have coverage under our plans:


Sea kayaking

White water rafting

Black water kayaking (Grades 1-5)

International river grades

You will note that several activity options above mention international river grades. These river grades can be described:

International River Grading

Class 1: Easy

Class 2: Novice

Class 3: Intermediate

Class 4: Advanced

Class 5: Expert

Class 6: Extreme and Exploratory Rapids
(We can't insure you for this level of kayaking or rafting.)

When you are about to head down the river or rapids, always be aware of the rating. Read more about the International River Grading System from the American Whitewater association. 

What's not covered

World Nomads won't insure you for kayaking/rafting down rivers of a Class 6 variety: "Extreme and Exploratory rapids." 

See the list of International River Grades above.

Traveling smarter and safer

Here at World Nomads, we love to find ways to help you enjoy your travels: from traveling smarter to travel safety and we strive to source the most up-to-date information about travel destinations. If you are going kayaking or rafting in another country, check out our Travel Safety content - if you are going kayaking in some obscure location, check with us first and avoid known banjo plucking hot spots!