Groups Travel

STI can assist in customized travel insurance to suit the groups individual needs for any global surf and snowboard adventure.

Specializing in surfing and snowboarding groups, our STI group specialists can assist the group leaders with planning their overseas travel insurance quotes with friends, family and business trips. STI has been providing small and large groups travel insurance solutions for over 9 years.

Surfing and Snowboarding Groups

We understand the challenges in getting your group to agree to the simple of things, and in any group, there is always a couple that might need a little more assistance. That’s where we come in, with individual policies for the group.

We work one on one with your group leaders to collect the required information for attaining competitive travel insurance quotes and one of our STI group specialists will assist in managing the entire process from requiring quotes to getting travel insurance cover for all overseas travel.

Our insurers underwriters and emergency providers are based in Sydney, Australia and provide Explorer and Basic travel insurance plans for overseas travel to over 140 countries.

You can obtain a quote for your trip by sending the trip details, including destination, dates of travel, Full name and contact number to Surf Travel Insurance and we will send you pricing and all the information you need to secure quick and easy cover and real peace of mind.

Everyone gets the same level of cover, which means everyone knows in the case of an event the group will be assisted what activities they can and cannot take part in.


Everyone has the same benefits

There’s no worrying about whether or not someone is covered for delayed luggage, canceled Surf Charters/ Surf Resorts, or even certain medical treatments. Everyone has the same benefits, whether the reason for the claim affects only one person, or multiple members of the group.

Overseas Medical

Unlimited overseas medicals, Medical evacuations costs and Medical repatriation costs. Limits will vary, depending on your country of residence.


Over 150 activities and sports are covered including surfing, fishing, diving and snowboarding just to name a few.

Buy Now or Later

Protect your financial investment including deposits and prepaid travel expenses, as there is no increase in price when buying early. A quote may expire within 30 days.

Cancellation Benefits

Cover for cancellation or rearrangement costs are available both before or during your trip, that are due to circumstances beyond your control.


Our travel insurance specialists are ready to assist with your next group booking, including co-ordination with the team leader for the most suitable travel plans and cover requirements.

World Nomads is supported by various underwriters throughout the world depending on your country of residence.