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French Residents

World Nomads supports a global community of independent and adventurous travellers by providing a range of travel services including this travel insurance policy. This policy is arranged and managed by nib Travel Services Europe Limited trading as nib Travel Services on behalf of XL Insurance Company SE (your insurer, weus).

For policies purchased on or after 2 Dec 2018:

Call our assistance team. They're available 24 hours/7 days.

Phone: +353 21 237 8009 oror +353 21 237 8003 (Call via an operator reverse charges. Not toll free. Call costs are claimable.)

Phone: +61 28263 0470 (Call via an operator reverse charges. Not toll free. Call costs are claimable.)

Email: assist [at] 
Note: For policies purchased on or after 2 December 2018 your policy is underwritten by nib Travel Services Limited (formally known as Nomadic Insurance Limited).

Emergency Medical & Dental Expenses Overseas

This section details the cover provided if you suffer an illness or injury and treatment is certified as medically necessary by an authorised medical practitioner overseas and agreed by us, subject to the terms of this policy wording.

Note: This policy provides accident and emergency cover only and is not a private medical insurance policy. It only covers you if there is a sudden and unexpected accident and you are injured or if you become ill during a trip. We will pay for private treatment only if there is no appropriate reciprocal health agreement in existence between the governments of your country of residence and the country in which you receive treatment and no public service is available. We also reserve the right to organise a transfer from a private medical facility to a public medical facility where appropriate or to repatriate you back to your country of residence.

Note: If you are travelling to a country in the EU, you will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to receive healthcare under reciprocal health arrangements. Apply by contacting your local health office, doctor or online at European Health Insurance Card

Note: If the government of your country of residence has a reciprocal health care agreement with the government of the country you are travelling in, you may have to enrol to be eligible for reciprocal health care. Check the applicable government travel advisory and/or health advice for details.

What you must do

You must make all reasonable attempts to keep your medical expenses to a minimum and take the advice of our emergency assistance team. If you don't contact our emergency assistance team as required, we may not fully reimburse you for your expenses or for any evacuation or airfares.

 You, a member of your travelling party, a friend or a close relative must contact our emergency assistance team as soon as reasonably possible to confirm cover, manage costs and any potential claim if you:

have been admitted to hospital as an in-patient;

get medical treatment or need ongoing treatment, where the cost of treatment is likely to exceed €625;

are injured, are hospitalised or suffer psychological trauma in an assault; or

need emergency transport, medical repatriation or a medical escort.

Our  emergency assistance team will help direct you or move you to the appropriate hospital or health care facility. Subject to medical advice, you must take their recommendation as to where you can be treated to ensure you receive quality medical care.

Medical Assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In the case of injury, illness, hospitalisation or where immediate repatriation has to be considered, contact our emergency assistance team as soon as is possible.

From overseas:
Phone: +353 21 237 8008
Email: assist [at]

Ask the local operator to connect you on a reverse charge basis or claim your call costs later.

You'll need the international dialling code or just the plus sign (+) to dial the number correctly on your mobile phone.

If you need to interrupt your trip, return home for a compassionate visit or resume your trip, you must also follow the instructions under Section 2 Cancellation & Interruption.

You must get copies of all medical records, reports and clinical notes before you leave the hospital or medical facility as well as original receipts to document your expenses so we may verify your claim. We will only ask you to provide documentation that is relevant to your claim and required for us to complete our investigation.  

Your illness  or injury must be confirmed in writing by your treating medical practitioner overseas:

you’ll need to provide the medical report from your treating medical practitioner overseas of your condition, tests performed, diagnosis, and treatment provided; and

we may ask for written verification of all of your medical history from your usual medical practitioner at home or elsewhere.

If you're involved in an accident and are hospitalised or suffer an injuryyou must make every effort to report the incident to the relevant local authority (e.g. police, hotel manager, other travel service provider) as soon as possible and provide a copy of the written evidence to verify your claim.

If you're a victim of an assault (e.g. mugging, kidnapping or hijack) and suffer an injury or psychological trauma, you must make every effort to report such a criminal event to local police or other relevant authority as soon as possible and provide a copy of the written evidence to verify your claim.

If you're travelling on a one way ticket, we expect you to pay the cost of an Economy Class airfare home, as this is considered a reasonable and necessary cost you'd ordinarily incur during your trip. However, if medically necessary and agreed by uswe'll pay for any upgrade costs to travel home.

You should also read what we won't cover in the Specific Exclusions to for this benefit section and the General Exclusions which are applicable to all sections.

Who Pays the Bills?

For out-patient treatment where the total cost of your medical treatment is unlikely to exceed €625, you can pay for the medical expenses, keep all receipts and make a claim under your policy for reimbursement. If you are in any doubt, call our emergency assistance team for help.

For more costly treatment and for any hospitalisation, our emergency assistance team can help coordinate payment directly with the hospital wherever possible, provided cover under the policy for the event has been confirmed by us. Where we cannot immediately confirm cover in the circumstances but you require urgent medical treatment, we may, at our discretion provide assistance on a “without-prejudice” basis while we investigate your claim. Assistance “without prejudice” means that you or a person authorised by you agree in writing for us to pay your medical providers directly (details of which we will specify in the agreement). In addition, you will agree to reimburse us for these costs if we ultimately conclude that your claim is not covered under the policy. Pty Limited (ABN 62 127 485 198) at Governor Macquarie Tower, Level 18, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia markets and promotes travel insurance products of nib Travel Services Limited at PO Box 1051, Grand Cayman KY1-1102, Cayman Islands, a Class B(iii) Insurer regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and licensed to carry on business within the Cayman Islands under License Number 1446874 under The Insurance Law, 2010. You should carefully read the Terms of Business and the Policy Wording, which contains all cover terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, to make sure this insurance is right for you.